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Stripe Integration Help


I’ve just set up a Quickfile account after leaving Wave.

I integrated stripe to allow for online card payments and I’m not sure I have done everything correctly.

I did a test payment on the 21st April and as we stand, I’ve not received the payment to our bank account. Have I done something wrong?

Apologies for what seems like a silly question, but with Wave, everything was automated, payment made and 3 days later it hit our business account.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Claire91

Is it that the transaction hasn’t shown up in your Stripe/bank feed or that you haven’t seen the money come after you’ve made a payment?

Hi @QFBeth

Thank you for your reply!

It’s that the money isn’t showing in our bank account.
When I log into my stripe account the payment is showing there.

Thank you

I thought stripe normally take seven days from the date of the card payment until they send the money to you - if that’s still the case you should receive your money tomorrow.

Thank you Ian. Really appreciate it

Thanks, Claire

Hi, in your stripe account you can set when/how often you want your money be transferred to your bank account. You can choose from daily, every three days, once a week, every two weeks or once every month. But I think the short terms like daily are blocked for new account holders. But I am not 100%sure. Have a look on your stripe account.

You can get one transfer per day or per week or whatever, but even on the daily settlement they’re settling the payments made 7 days previously.

Thank you, I’ve taken a look and I should be getting payments with 3 business days.

I’ve sent an email to Stripe just incase i’ve done something wrong.

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Thank you - I’ve sent an email to Stripe, hopefully it will be sorted soon

Yes, it’s the same for me. Usually they pay out the next day but arrives in my bank account 2 days later. So, the money from Wednesday, for example, is in my bank account on Friday early morning.

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