Stripe integration problem

HI, Account: 6131440713.

I set up Stripe integration a while ago. We have just started live testing of Stripe and the payments Stripe made to us have not been imported into QF - what have I done wrong please ?

Thanks. David

The Stripe integration doesn’t import existing transactions into QuickFile, it just provides an additional payment option on your invoices so customers can pay you via Stripe. Any payment taken in this way will be lodged to the Stripe merchant account, which is a type of bank account in QuickFile.

Hope that clarifies things.

@dnph and all who are currently using or thinking to move for using Stripe as credit/debit card processing for your business.

Be aware, that Stripe is suitable for your business type before starting using or moving to use them.

You must send to them an email and they must reply to you and confirm that they will be able to provide processing credit/debits cards for your business type, products and/or services.

If you don’t confirm this with them, you may got in trouble and they will throw you and your business away without any previous notification and leaving you alone and facing a big problem with your customers.

They did this with many other business, they stop accepting card processing for your business and they may also refund all the transactions you did with your customers and they will inform you that they will not be able to help with payment processing for your business and will suspend your account without any reasons or notifications.

So, as our advice for you, check and confirm that they can help to accept payments for your business before start using their platform or setting up API integration and finally waste your time, effort and money.

For more details, please, refer to this link

Have been trying all day to set up Stripe on my account - I can get onto the sign-up page but then it freezes. Is there a problem with their site? I need to get this set up as I have a customer waiting to make a credit card payment. Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks.

The link seems to be working between QuickFile and Stripe, i.e. I can get to the Stripe signup screen.

Have you run this by Stripe customer support? Let us know what they say.

I can get to the Stripe signup screen but can’t go any further. I had a Stripe account with my other business and it worked fine, so I tried selecting the sign in button, but nothing works - can’t sign in and can’t sign up for a new account. The screen is just frozen.