Stripe Multi Currency accounts with automated feed


I have tried to search the forum for a post similar but have not found anything as of yet.

We use Stripe to process payments.

We process USD GBP & EUR

The USD is converted into GBP which is fine when quick file automates the feed and everything enters the stripe account as normal for me to tag.

When it comes to EUR we have a separate bank account that stripe pays these into into so we recieve these as EUR payment in our EUR currency account so are not converted to GBP.

I have set up another stripe merchant account on quick file and set that to be in EUR,

Will quickfile now post the stripe EUR transactions in to that account so I can tag those also or am I am going to have to manually enter in the EUR transactions into Quickfile?


Hi @benjam3,

The Stripe feed will only import to the one account, so I believe you will need to do this secondary one manually.

Okay, thanks for getting back to me so quick :slight_smile:

can this be made a feature request? I’m sure we’re not the only business that receives multiple currencies from stripe :grinning:


Hi @benjam3,

I have done that for you, I will check with my colleagues to make sure that there isn’t a way to do this already and get back to you :slight_smile:

+1 vote here too.
Not sure why I only have 4 votes left…

Hi @expertoswp,

Votes are limited per user to avoid people voting for everything. It gives us a better understanding on what is more important

I have the same issue and would really like the Stripe feed to handle multiple currencies.