Stripe over zapier to quickfile

I would like use zapier to create a invoice in quickfile when a payment was taken from customer over my website. To set it up I am ask Please select the API methods you wish to use in your Application. and I have this window of choice:

Does someone know which one (or more) I have to select to get an invoice created which is, in an ideal world, marked as sent (but not send to the customer because customer gets invoice from website) and the invoice should show all necessary things like date, item(s), amount, name, address and so on.
Every help is very appreciated.
Thank you very much

Hi @rhc

For Zapier, Invoices.Invoice_Create would be to create the invoice itself, but it’s also worth adding ones like Invoices.Client_Create and Invoices.Bank_CreateTransaction.

I believe these are the only ones supported by Zapier at the moment.

Any problems though, please let us know.

Hi QFMathew,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. I was able to create the connection and it is working now. Thank you very much again.

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Hi QFMathew,
One more thing. The invoice was created perfectly. It had also to create a new customer/client and in the client/customer section it only created the customers name, nothing else. Is it possible to get the customers address, email address and phone number as well? The customer provides all these things during checkout on my website.
Thank you very much.

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