Stripe - Past period CSV upload (not Feed)

Hi, new to QuickFile (and also new to accounting for my own business).

Setting up my last 6 months of activities on Quickfile now, and have integrated Stripe and Paypal for feeds to the respective holding accounts.
However, as mentioned elsewhere, the overnight feeds only work for new transactions, and do not bring in old transactions, which must be imported via a manual feed.

I am quite sure this would have been discussed before, however, I cant seem to find it.
How do we upload the CSV exported from CSV which has itemised sales revenue, the payment processor’s fee and the net revenue to match it with the bank transactions.

Same challenge with PayPal too.

When i try to use the default import feed on Stripe, it only gives me 3 columns to import (the usual bank csv columns - date description and money in/out ) , Please can a support person provide guidance or signpost me to the right article on how to import stripe feed so that its fee and net is imported too.


Hi @gurupandit

Really, there are a few ways of doing this, although the quickest and easiest way is to just enter an opening balance for the account.

If you do need the history there, then you can either:

  • Import all transactions, plus a separate transaction for the fee element (so 2 imports, or an amended file), or

  • Import the transactions and go back through and insert the fees manually and bulk tag them

The second option is probably the best way to go if you need the history on the account, as Stripe will send you an invoice for the previous month around 3rd of each month, so this can tie up with the bulk entries.

PayPal is a bit more tricky because they don’t generally issue invoices for their fees. But you could do it in the same way as option 2 above and bulk enter the fees at the end of each month.

I hope that makes sense, but please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi gurupandit,
When you upload your csv, there is a option to have 4 columns.
Upload your csv as normal and when you see the screen where you have to choose your columns for date, description and so on… above on the left handside is a little tick box (see below) which you have to tick to get the 4th column. So, now you can choose your date column, description column, money in and money out. Money out is stripes fee. Money in is the whole amount from your customer (amount before stripe takes the fee off). I hope this helps a bit.

Thank you @rhc
I did try the approach you suggested, but if i split the income and fee in two separate columns on the same row, the import goes successful but with erroneous data, only fee is shown. It looks like you can only have a debit or a credit on the same row, not both.

I have now imported the CSV as suggested by @QFMathew with modifying the file to amend the fee in new rows, and its been successful.

Now the dirty work of tagging the sales to the new holding account and then tagging from holding account to bank.

Is someone doing video tutorials on quickfile for new comers? If not, its a great idea.

I am glad you could upload your csv.
Tagging: When you get your money from stripe to your bank account (current account) tag it as a transfer between banks and select your stripe holding a/c.
If you have always/mostly the same customers/sales/purchases you could apply bank tagging rules which makes your life much easier. For example your stripe fee: create a rule and you will never have to tag that fee again, quickfile will do the job for you. Have a look here: Automated bank tagging rules

There are a few videos on youtube, have a look here:

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