Stripe Payment Failing


Not sure if this is a Quickfile setup error of my making or a problem with Stripe?

A client just tried to pay an invoice and they said “I got a payment declined notice on your website, then my CC texted me about the payment. I said it was authorized. Now I’m not sure I it will let the payment go through, or if I need to resend a payment.

Never had a client pay via Stripe so this is all new territory.

If their Credit Card company text them, I’d say it was a card/stripe issue. I know with people I’ve known (not necessarily paying me though!), if it’s a new payment, it’s blocked by their card issuer.

May be worth getting them to contact their card issuer.

Alternatively, I’d imagine the QF team would have a log of what happened. Do you have a client ID you could post to maybe help narrow it down?


You are correct. It seems the client had to approve the transaction from an SMS message but didn’t so it was declined. She just tried again and it worked.

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It can be a bit tricky with things like Stripe, because I believe it’s something like £0.20 + 2.4%.

You can change it here:

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You were too quick for me…I found it and changed the setting and then deleted the text in my post as I thought I’d get to it before you saw it. But thanks never the less, no doubt I can refer back to this one day as I am bound to forget!