Stripe Postcode Validation

I am using stripe for payment. When customer try to pay via stripe its showing only card, expiry date and CVC. There is any posibility to add this extra security?
I use before a invoice generator They got this extra layer with the postcode. I ask for this because i have already 2 decline payment and Stripe said that i should use this to prevent any payment withdrawn
Thank for ur help

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Thank you for your suggestion, we will take this into account when we next review our integration with Stripe.

In the mean time I will leave this topic open as a feature request for others to add their vote/comment.

I’m actually surprised that this isn’t already part of the system. Everything is already so well designed and integrated, I’m actually surprised that checking of postcode and house number is not already part of the card payment process with payments via Stripe.

Thanks, yes we have to introduce this extra security. The reason is that Stripe can delay the answer ( yes/no) up to 60 days. That is not good for any business to have the money blocked for such a long time

Hi, Just asking about the postcode validation on the Stripe. I have 2 paid accounts with the Quickfile and very inportant for me to have this extra layer of security validation with Stripe. I already make a note on Octomber last year and i notice that has been 2 updates at least but not this important one. Probably for all your users are important to have security on any transaction and no bounced payments


Hi @Trad_UK

Many of our new features are driven by community demand. We actively monitor the forums for these threads.

Between bug fixes, improvements and new features, we actually make quite a few updates each month.

We certainly haven’t ruled out adding the postcode checks, and I will mention this to our development team. However, as you can see from the posts above, there hasn’t been a lot of interest in adding this to QuickFile, so I can’t make any promises at this stage.

As always, if there any updates, we’ll be sure to update this thread

We’ve created a job in our short term planner to at least look at the Stripe API to see what work needs to be done here.

Hopefully this is something we can add without too much difficulty, we shall let you know once reviewed.

@dagayveggi @Trad_UK - Just a quick update to let you know that we’ve updated Stripe within QuickFile to now allow the user to enter their address. This is passed to Stripe to validate the postcode inline with your Stripe settings.