Stripe Set up

I must be missing something as I can’t find anyone with the same problem.
I read the Payment Processor Set up and am think I have done it all correctly.

  • Stripe is a set up as a Merchant and Online Payment Service Accounts
  • I have a nice Zapier so that when someone pays by card it automatically settles the transaction to the Stripe account, marking it as paid
  • I can tag the payment when it lands as a transfer to the main bank account
  • I can tag the difference (actually Stripe kindly split it out) for the processing fees to a Stripe Invoice.
    However, the problem is that the bank feed imports the original transaction as Money In as well into the Stripe Merchant account. So, I get it twice, once when Zapier marks it as paid and then again when Stripe imports the transactions. You can turn off the payments to the bank but not the import Money In.

This seems to contradict the nice set up explanation which implies you only import the Money Out side with Merchant Accounts. Am I missing something? Do I have to go through and manually delete the duplicates?
Thanks for any advice.

If you’re handling all your stripe payments through zapier and tagging the transfers from the current account end then the simplest answer would be to turn off the auto feed altogether as it doesn’t give you any benefit.

I think you are right, but it contradicts the set-up guide that suggests it is only the money out transactions that will be imported.

This is what the default Stripe integration does without the need for Zapier. Sounds like you have it duplicated by adding the feed and Zapier?

It’s better not to create a separate purchase for each transaction individually - Stripe provide you with an actual invoice once a month for their fees (downloadable from the “documents” section in your stripe account) with instructions to reverse charge the VAT, so it makes more sense to create one purchase a month from that invoice rather than loads for the separate payments that don’t have documents to back them up.

I’m not creating this, the integration is. The only thing I am creating is the Zapier settlement, which I have switched off.
I now notice that when paid through the Quickfile payment platform Quicfile isn’t importing the Stripe Fee, when it is paid on my website then Quickfile is importing it. Something doesn’t seem right, this isn’t anything to do with the Zapier.

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