Stripe transactions not being pushed to QF bank account


I have noticed that the stripe transactions dont show in my qf bank account. The last one i have is the 14th July

Was the transaction initiated from QuickFile? i.e. did your client log into QuickFile to complete payment via Stripe?

NO it doesnt look like it, after checking i found that it was taken from the jotfile program.

Does this mean that only transactions from within QF are recorded in QF bank?

Our Stripe integration is just for providing a Stripe payment option on your invoices, it doesn’t work as a Data Feed.

The good news here is in the next 2 weeks we will have an integration with a company called Zapier. Zapier allow different applications to be linked together in the cloud, they also support Stripe.

This means any new Stripe payments can be automatically imported. If you want to track this feature, we will update the thread here when it’s live.

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Sounds interesting, not update with webhooks, although i have upgraded, but not got my head around the webhooks bit

Zapier! this could change how QF works in the future;

Adding clients from forms
Adding client contacts to gmail
Even completing a DD form using gforms to send/ pre authorise DDs with Gocardless
Autocreate an invoice when payments have gone through Paypal/Sagepay etc.

Keep me updated please
Thanks Glenn

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