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Just a quick question…Stripe automatically transfers funds to my business bank account, the balance shows in the account but the stripe account is not adjusted accordingly. i.e the balance shows as positive in both accounts? Should this not show as a transaction in the stripe account? I know i can create it automatically, but I also need to create a payment for stripe fees too.

Does quickfile only capture payments into the Stripe account, not out?


Hi @sitewideuk

QuickFile captures payments to/from Stripe if the payment is made via the “Pay Online” option on QuickFile itself. If the transaction is recorded outside (for example, a Stripe subscription or another website) then this will need to be created manually.

That said, you may be able to use Zapier to automate this for you. There’s more information on this in the following topic:

You mention that there’s a positive transaction in both. You should have 3 transactions in total once everything has complete (money cleared and paid out):

  • a money in transaction tagged to the invoice itself (e.g. £50.00)
  • a money out transaction for the fee tagged to the Stripe invoice (e.g. £1.00)
  • a money out transaction for the transfer tagged as a transfer to your current account (e.g. £49.00)

I hope that helps?

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All i have are 2 invoice payments into my Stripe account in Quickfile. There are no fee’s showing and no outbound transaction into my bank account. Should the fees and transfer to my account be created automatically or manually?

This is my original question. I don’t want to create them manually for them to then drop in automatically also thus creating duplicates.

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Hi Donna,

Apologies for missing your original question.

No, the transactions won’t appear in your current account automatically, these would need to be created manually.

Ah thankyou, I just wanted to confrm. I will add them manually.

Again, fantastic support here on the forums.

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