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Hi ye all, I have two ways of paying into Quickfile via stripe.

  1. via Quickfile which is fine and easily tagged
  2. A number of clients pay via my website but this is difficult to tag.
    I.e customer pays £100 and £98.40 would show on my bank statement on quickfile.
    Where do i put this £98.40 ? Stripe holding account? and how do i clear the customers invoice without a duplicate?
    it seems to take nearly a week to pay out via website which leaves the customers account over due.


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Sounds as if there is something wrong with your Stripe integration. Any Stripe transactions through our website automatically end up on the Stripe Holding Account which allows us to create/tag invoices.

The link posted by Lurch explains how to account for Stripe’s fees.

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Thank you for reply, Much appreciated

Many thanks ill check the link above,
Best regards

Do i need to stripe bank feeds as one is in the quickfile linked to stripe and i have one stripe linked via my website?

No just one. It’s the same as putting your bank details on your invoices in Quickfile and on your website for direct payments, all comes back to one account.

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