Struggling with unallocated amount?

i get invoices from a supplier as i buy things.
i pay 30 days later and pay one sum to cover multiple purchases.

im uploading and adding my previous accounts into quickfile.
so far ive uploaded one receipt from this supplier.

ive uploaded my bank statement from one bank.
it has two payments to this supplier.

i tagged these from the bank screen.
the first i chose to create an invoice when i tagged it. it has created a generic invoice showing a large payment to the supplier.
this will cover multiple invoices however i have not uploaded the receipts or created the purchase logs yet.

the other i chose to add it as a supplier credit - just to see what it did.
this has sort of disapeared and its not obvious how this bit works.
ive done a search through the community but im still not clear on this.

if i look at the supplier purchase management all i can see is the Large Sum Paid invoice i created from tagging at my bank, and one unpaid invoice i created from uploading a receipt. the credit does not show?

if i look in the supplier details screen, the only place I can see any mention of this is in PrePayments at the very top.
I can not get at it though to tag it, create an invoice for it or do anything with it.

what do i do with this pre payment?
how do i tag it to an uploaded invoice?
how do i tag it to a new invoice if i want to crate one?


It sounds like the best approach would probably be to create a purchase for each invoice you receive using the receipt hub, leaving them unpaid. Then when you make a payment, tag it using “payment to a supplier” -> “pay down multiple invoices”, and that will let you assign a single payment to pay off all the outstanding purchases in one go.

To answer your actual question, when you have a prepayment balance on a supplier account then you can spend it by creating unpaid purchases (either from the receipt hub or directly with “new purchase”), then when you click the “log payment” button you’ll see an option to apply from credit.

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great, answers my question, and gives me a better way of doing it

another thought,

on the large bank transaction i tagged and created a generic invoice for it -
can i then use this to pay down multiple smaller invoices once i upload them?
or would i have to delete the generic invoice, delete the tag, then retag it ?

I believe if you delete a paid purchase it shouldn’t delete the payment entirely, it’ll just turn it into a prepayment that you can then use “apply from credit” to attach to other purchases.

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