Sub-category breakdown of nominal account codes

As per Nominal account categories (and the UI), the nominal codes are split into various sections of number ranges, but if I click to create a new code in the chart of accounts, I can choose a sub-category as well.

Is there a list of which number ranges the sub-categories map to?

Hi @iainhallam

There isn’t a list of these, but I will see if I can find one for you and come back to you shortly.

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I’ve been through with a new Quickfile account and created a new code in each sub-category to find out where they go. Most seem to be in blocks of 100, though some are only 10. Here’s the list I’ve got. Sub-categories in square brackets aren’t in the list for creating new codes, but seem to me to be grouped together.

Balance sheet:

001x Assets and Liabilities - Property
002x Assets and Liabilities - Plant and Machinery
003x Assets and Liabilities - Office Equipment
004x Assets and Liabilities - Furniture and Fixtures
005x Assets and Liabilities - Motor Vehicles
006x-009x Unused
01xx Assets and Liabilities - [Intangible Assets]
02xx-09xx Unused
10xx Assets and Liabilities - Stock
11xx Assets and Liabilities - Debtors
12xx Assets and Liabilities - Bank Accounts
13xx-20xx Unused
21xx Assets and Liabilities - Short Term Creditors
220x Assets and Liabilities - VAT Liability
221x Assets and Liabilities - Taxation
222x Assets and Liabilities - Wages
223x-229x Unused
23xx Assets and Liabilities - Long Term Loans
24xx-29xx Unused

30xx Capital and Reserves - Share Capital
31xx Capital and Reserves - Reserves
32xx Capital and Reserves - [Profit and Loss]
33xx Capital and Reserves - [Sole Trader Capital]
34xx-39xx Unused

Profit and loss:

400x Sales - General Sales
40xx Sales - Product Sales (user-created from 4010)
41xx Sales - Export Sales
42xx Sales - Sale of Assets
43xx Unused
44xx Sales - Credit Charges (Late Payments)
45xx-48xx Unused
49xx Sales - Other Sales

500x Purchases - General Purchases
50xx Purchases - General Purchases (user-created from 5010)
51xx Purchases - Purchase Charges
52xx Purchases - Stock
53xx-59xx Unused

60xx Direct Expenses - Labour
61xx Direct Expenses - Commissions
62xx Direct Expenses - Sales Promotion
63xx-68xx Unused
69xx Direct Expenses - Other Direct Expenses
6xxx Direct Expenses

70xx Overheads - Gross Wages
71xx Overheads - Rent and Rates
72xx Overheads - Heat, Light and Power
73xx Overheads - Motor Expenses
74xx Overheads - Travel and Entertainment
75xx Overheads - Printing and Stationery
76xx Overheads - Professional Fees
77xx Overheads - Equipment Hire and Rental
78xx Overheads - Maintenance
79xx Overheads - Bank Charges and Interest
80xx Overheads - Depreciation
81xx Overheads - Bad Debts
82xx Overheads - General Expenses
83xx-9xxx Overheads - [Other Indirect Expenses]


Thanks for sharing this list @iainhallam :slight_smile:

This - or a definitive documented and maintained list needs to be in the Quickfile documentation!

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Definitely!! Thanks for doing the legwork on this @iainhallam

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