Sub totals on quotes/ estimates

Is there a way of doing sub totals on quotes and estimates.
As I am a handyman and sometimes my customers ask for some items broken down into tasks and stages.
Rather than issusing many estimates and quotes for the overall job which can confuse some customers. It would be useful to be able to insert a text box in between the items detailing the task and then when you have added the items eg materials labour etc. to give them a subtotal for that task. Followed by the overall total at the bottom of the page.

I know this sounds rather advanced but would be very handy

This is not something we currently support, but I will leave this thread open so if others would find such a feature useful they can add their vote and we can look at developing a solution.

This is something I still do outside of Quickfile. I still manually type out quotes and specifications as they can be quite complex and don’t usually fit a standard format. I don’t currently enter any of this into Quickfile but I suppose I could enter an estimate for the total amount so I have something to convert later, but I generally just issue the relevant invoices.

I can’t see a simple way to overcome this using Quickfile (which is fine for me) as I don’t find quotes/proposals/specifications and the like to fit much of a standard format.

I actually spend time reading the user feedback for other accounting systems and I recall something like this coming up 2-3 weeks ago.

Obviously it’s a problem that hasn’t yet been solved by any of the other systems I’ve come across. I see that it would be a useful addition, we’d just need to have a think about how it could be implemented.