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Submit MTD after manual entry

Long story short, I thought I had deregistered for vat updated quickfile etc, turns out it hadn’t.

I worked out calculations and submitted them manually. I want to restart them again through MTD quickfile but it will not let me submit a current return keeps asking for previous to be sorted.

Last one that went through quickfile was period ending Jan 2020, I have just manually submitted Jan 21, I tried to do the adjustments after working it all out but it wouldn’t let me submit.


Hi @marieharris,

You will need to ‘save’ the missing returns on QuickFile. To do this remove the online filling settings so that they aren’t trying to be sent.

Save the missing periods then once you’re up to date you can add your online filing settings back in to submit the one you need to

great thanks have updated this so fingers crossed for next return!