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Submitting Partnership Tax Return But Don't Have a VAT Number

We have discovered that we can only submit our tax return via 3rd party software as we are a partnership. This is fine as we have been using Quickfile to keep our accounts. The problem is that as our turnover is so low that we aren’t VAT registered yet I cannot seem to link our Quickfile account to the HMRC as it requires a VAT number. Can you help please?



QuickFile doesn’t have any ability to submit Self Assessment tax returns (neither individual nor partnership ones). Personally I prefer to let an accountant do mine so they can optimise things like capital allowances and the precise spilt of profits across partners but if your business is simple enough then you can do it yourself with other software - as far as I know there’s nothing completely free of charge that is capable of doing an SA800 but there are cheap options like Andica that’s something like £15 per year.

Vat linking has nothing to do with a submission for self assessment. Not to sound harsh but if you cant grasp that concept then I’d strongly advise getting an accountant to check your figures and submitting the returns for you.

Further more it isn’t just a partnership return needed to file, each partner will require their own self assessment return with the correct figures and correct split of profits.

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