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I have been using QF for about 3 years - but just getting a message saying that my Power User Subscription has run out. I didn’t want to renew it as we were not using the additional features but now I cant even log in to see anything. Can someone please tell me what I do now?
Thank you

Power User subscription is not only for extre features, also for large and extra large accounts. That means if you have 1001 or more ledger entries, your account becomes a large account which requires a power user subscription. You should have seen messages on your screen and your email inbox about that.
If you want to access your account now you may have to pay the £45+VAT.

You could also wait until tomorrow morning and I am sure the support team can tell you exactly what the reason for the subscription requirement is.
Hope this helps

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Hello @Mokproperties

As @rhc mentioned.

QuickFile is free up to the first 1000 nominal postings in a rolling 12 month period then £45 per year after that.
I have just had a look at your account and as of yesterday you have 1003 nominal postings in the last rolling 12 months meaning a subscription is required.

More information on pricing can be found in the link below.

thanks for the clarification.

Hello @Mokproperties

For reference, once logged in you can go to Account Settings > All Settings > Account Usage Report.

Here you can view by nominal code and date the number of postings you have made in the last rolling 12 months.

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