Subscription reminder

Hi - Just had a reminder to update Automated Bank Feeds for Maville Properties saying current sub expires on 27 Oct 2018. Going to renew page QF says it is 2019. Please advise. Stephen

Hi @smorlans

Are you seeing the 2019 date on the page where you would pay for the subscription, or is it on another page?

Yes on the renew page- so maybe the date is suggesting that if it is paid then the date would be 27 October 2019? See below.

"Automated Bank Feeds

Powerful bank feed automation software for auto-importing your bank statement information. For a full list of supported banks
Expires: 27 October 2019"

If it’s the renewal page, then that would be the new expiry date if it’s purchased.

The existing expiry dates can be viewed by going to Help >> Additional Services >> Update or add a new subscription

Thanks. Understood. I was perhaps being too literal.