Subtotal on Invoice with Itemised VAT

I would like my invoices to show both the itemised NET total and VAT on each item line, - ie, description, cost per item/ qty/ NET/ vat/ gross total. Is there a way to add this column in?

Also when using the subtotal line feature, the total invoice net figure is aligned with the VAT column, which is confusing for some customers. It would read much easier if there was a total net column and the subtotal sat below that.

Is there any way to work this?

Many thanks. Fiona

Hello Fiona

Funny enough this cam up in a post yesterday but is not possible in QuickFile at present.
Zero-rated invoicing - #2 by ian_roberts.

I have made this post a feature request for you so other users can vote on it.

Thanks. I have searched the topic and it has came up a few times. It’s a bit frustrating as if we don’t show the itemised vat, customers argue the amount they have paid as our ‘less deposit paid’ shows on the line without the vat, (they don’t calculate the bottom summary). Or if we show the invoice with the itemised vat, they argue we are charging to much for items of multiple quantities.

Hello Fiona

Not sure if this would help but you could add a note to the invoice for customers like this.

The notes would show under the invoice item lines as shown below

Hi @Fiona

There is an alignment problem with the line sub-total in certain situations, we’ll definitely get that fixed.

As for the main point, we will look at adding an optional feature to show line level sub-totals. If I’m following you correctly here, it would add additional clarity by including a sub-total when the qty is greater than 1? E.g. below we would show “200.00” in the highlighted position.

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Hi Glenn.

Thanks so much for looking at the sub total alignment, that would be a great help.

Yes, the subtotal when qty is greater than 1 is exactly what’s needed. That would really help.

Thanks very much for looking into this.

Kind regards.



Hi @Fiona

We’ve fixed the alignment issue and there’s an active ticket in our system to add a line level sub-total. I will report back on this shortly.

Hi Glenn. That’s really helpful. Thanks very much!