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Such an ace account program deserves a better logo!

Being a happy user of yours and a web/graphic designer by trade I’ve taken the liberty of mocking you up what I think your logo should progress to! Honestly, I love your accounting program but the cherry on top is looking a bit (sorry) old school! Now I’m into old school as much as the next fella but I think you should due for an upgrade. It only took me 5 mins or so and by no means is it fully developed, just food for thought. Rant over, see image linked here:

Yours Sincerely,
Local Cheap Freelance Developer Tom


Wow, thank you for the time taken to knock this up!

I like it… Incorporating the chasing arrows into the Q makes a lot of sense.

Although I feel the F should be a bit bigger? Probably because that’s how I’m used to seeing it :smile:

Let’s see what others say.

PS: Feel free to add your web link to the post.

Incorporating the arrows into the Q looks good. It also looks a lot more modern :slight_smile:

LOL about looking more modern!

I like it

Glad you like it… if you’d like me to develop it further just let me know.

Tom Moreton


T: 01526 353 135 M: 07985 476 667

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The general consensus so far is that’s it’s an improvement on our existing logo.

I’m just seeking some further opinion and I will be in touch.

1 like from me! Nice of you @moretontom to think of this! You are right, this is a good program and what is more important, there is a really good (support) team behind it!

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Defo think that needs to be used as a new logo. Small but effective change!

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We did commission @moretontom to create a set of logos for us. We’re now just waiting for a convenient time to get this updated in all the relevant places.

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