Suggestion - Knowledge sharing sessions


As a new director, I am still navigating my way through the various formalities of running a company. Self-assessment, corporation tax, companies house register, payroll …and others that I’m yet to discover.

The QF community is a treasure trove of information, but has a larger gap (easy to fall into too) for those who aren’t already familiar with the HMRC system and requirements. For example, I understand P&Ls but have asked a friend for help to make sure that I’m submitting things right. So I’m wondering if there are any knowledge sharing ‘sessions’ in the QF community (like interactive webinars on things like payroll, assets and depreciation, etc.) to bring others to speed. This would also be a means of marketing for a platform like QF!

Happy to discuss this over a call.


Hi Puja,
My view is that there are three ways, either attend hmrc’s webinars, either find tax and bookkeeping seminars for not bookkeepers, either speak to a bookkeeper or accountant


This is a software platform, not an accounting one. Nor does it help with any other of your legal responsibilities as a director - it just does your bookkeeping for you.

I suggest you go onto HMRC and Companies House and look for their guidance. As @sbadvisors said, HMRC run a number of webinars on various topics, although they can be a little dry! Better to download the guidance and read for yourself.