Suggestion to hide paid invoices from client statement

I just had a thought while testing. Paid invoices showing in statements may grow to be too much,… Also, you may not wish to show the client every time they look at a statement (they would usually look to see a list of which invoices they still need to pay), or remind the client how much they spent with you over the past years as they may use this as leverage to get discounts or leave as you are too expensive :wink: Perhaps a button to toggle show/hide ‘paid invoices’ on or off on statements. Also, I’m just fast thinking forward, and looking at my current "outdated invoicing system’. If a client had paid 100+ invoices over a few years, what would that statement look like if you are sending them a statement for credit control purposes… May get crazy…
This gives a choice for companies that use statements for credit control, and companies that use statements for historical reasons (which seems to be less important in my humble opinion).

Thanks for the suggestion. You can already hide paid invoices in client statement, you just need to tick the following box.

Also if you leave them in the Period drop down will ensure paid invoices are only shown as far back as the period start date. Hope that helps!