Supplementary pages - can i do this?

ive just upgraded my subscription to use supplementary pages.

can i use them to do the following situations:

Can i add in a supplementary page that gets inserted BEFORE the estimate page on estimates. This full a4 page would be shows before the estimate on the customers pdf and in their control panel.

I have a full page on - Why Use Us which i used to insert to estimates before i used quickfile.

  1. Can i add my complete Terms & Conditions to be appended at the end of the estimate both on their control panel and on the customers pdf, rather than just an extra file or document they have to look at?

  2. Can i include the custom tokens in both of the above situations, ill be wanting to insert their name.

  3. can i choose when to use this and when not to by easily selecting something?


Hi @adnw,

I’m afraid that they can only be added after the document and not before.

Yes this is possible

Again, yes, this is possible

Yes, this is done by clicking “Click to add” or “Click to remove”

For more information on how to use Supplementary Pages and the custom tokens that can be used, please check out the following link: Supplementary Pages

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great, all sorted and done.
adding a page before the invoice would be handy, i used to put a “Why Use My Company” leaflet / page in before the estimate. More chance of the client reading it if its before their estimate rather than after. My terms went at the end.


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