Supplementary Pages for Invoices and Estimates

We’re pleased to announce an update that will allow you to attach your own custom template pages to your invoices and estimates, we call these Supplementary Pages.

Supplementary Pages can be very useful when you need to include a set of your terms and conditions inline with your invoice or estimate. It can also be used for things like product instructions, signed agreements and return slips.

Supplementary Pages are essentially HTML documents that are created and stored in the Advanced Customisation section. They also support a range of mail-merge tokens for including specific client and invoice details on the supplementary pages.

We’ve put together a short tutorial showing how you can create a Supplementary Page and append it your invoice.

Step by Step Guide: Creating and attaching a Supplementary Page

We hope you like this feature and welcome any feedback!


Hi Glenn

This is a geat feature I was hoping to use, but, following the instructions, I’ve tried attaching the supplementary page I’ve created but I get a “clunk, something went wrong” image. How can I work out what I’ve done wrong? Perhaps my T&Cs are too long, is there a size limit?



There isn’t a size limit as far as I’m aware.

It’s not something you’ve done - it’s us! It’s flagged up on our system and we’ll take a look to get this resolved.

@CAL - In the short term, adding a contact to the client should prevent this issue


Thanks for your patience. We’ve fixed the issue that you reported.

If there’s anything else please don’t hesitate to get back to us.

Thank you very much, that has worked for me. This update is a great new addition too, saves me adding our T&Cs as an attachment when sending via email.


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Perfect timing, just about to upload our Ts&Cs.

A feature I’d love to see is the ability to add custom fields so we can populate things like time schedules, contract dates, etc.

Something like this would be ideal:

Hi @Ross2452

If you would like to post this as a new thread in the ‘feature’ category, we’ll certainly monitor the interest from the community for this.

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Hi Glen,

I’ve now implemented supplementary pages for our Village Hall Bookings and it is absolutely brilliant - it enables us to attach our terms and conditions to each Hire Agreement (Invoice). The online translation of a .doc to html was a lifesaver as I wasn’t sure just quite how I was going to start writing in html…

I have created a specific template for Event Hire Invoices and it would be really useful to be able to specify the supplementary pages on the template rather than attaching them each time - is this something you are considering?

thanks, Karen

Hi @Karen_Scott

This isn’t something that’s come up before, but if you would like to create a new feature request thread in the main forum, we’ll certainly track interest from the community and go from there :slight_smile: