Supplier Credit Note - error message "The value of the purchase must be greater than zero"

Supplier Credit Note - error message “The value of the purchase must be greater than zero”

I work with two Quickfile accounts that are both reporting that they are “Build: 2022-01-20-22-09” but the two accounts no longer have the same capabilities.

Account no. ***10451 is no longer able to create a new purchase record (Credit Note) but is available on the other account I work with.

Most recently used 07/12/2021 when a credit note was possible. This is an important facility that allows for purchases that are drawings to be removed from the purchase ledger by doing a monthly “Drawings” credit note.

Although the method described for dealing with drawings is not the recommended procedure as described by Quickfile this has been the way that I have dealt with such purchases for over 8 years.

Please fix and advise why the two accounts are no longer working in the same way.

Hi I have the same problem as alan mcbrien when trying to enter credit note on purchase format but minus amounts as I have done before error comes up the value of the purchase must be greater than zero how do we resolve this urgent need as awaiting to download to H M R C
Rgards Laurence Vickery

Morning @alan_mcbrien @vickery

Thank you for your patience with this. Our development team are looking into this, this morning.

We should have an update for you shortly.

@vickery @alan_mcbrien

Just a quick message to let you know this has been fixed. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter any further issues.


Hi Mathew all working fine now many thanks for your swift action on this matter , first class service as always
Kind Regards

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