Supplier Credit Note - Hold Balance on Account

I’m okay with adding a CN to a suppliers invoice which I’ve done. I can’t find the option to hold funds on account which is what I think I need to do as I wish to allocate a prepayment amount showing on the suppliers account of which the CN forms part of the payment balance - QF says the CN has ‘already been paid’ and de-tag’s it?

If you’ve held the funds on account already (i.e. they’re showing as a prepayment against the supplier) then the easiest thing is to first “log payment” directly on the unpaid purchase and “apply from credit” to apply the prepayment to that purchase, which will then show as part paid. Then when you come to tag the bank transaction use “pay down multiple invoices” to find the partially-paid purchase and pay off the remaining balance.

Thanks Ian, but when I go to the suppliers account I am trying to log the payment but can’t see how to? There are about 5 invoices that need the pre-payment balance allocated to them, then I can do the credit. The bank line has already been tagged as a payment on account so the money is sitting in the supplier account.

I’m not sure whether you can bulk “apply from credit” on several purchases in one go but you can certainly log payment -> apply from credit on each one in turn.

Credit notes held on account and bank payments assigned to a supplier but not to a specific invoice are both treated the same in QuickFile - they both contribute to the “prepayments” total and use the same “apply from credit” to assign them to purchases.

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