Supplier Credit Notes on paid purchase invoices


I received a CN for a paid supplier invoice. I created the CN from that invoice and was given the option Refund (to bank) or On Account. It is held on account so that was the option I took.

On selecting all the outstanding bills to pay, I find that this ‘On Account’ value is not being added. How do I make this happen so that the balance owed is correct?

Hi @WalkerTim,

When you look at the outstanding bills to pay is this showing the invoice as a full balance or is it ignoring this invoice all together?

The invoice the credit not applies to doesn’t show - it was paid last period (so is marked as paid). The credit note shows but I can’t tick it as it says it has already been applied.

You will need to go to one of the invoices directly, then “log payment” and it will give the option to “apply from credit”. This will reduce the outstanding balance - if there is more credit than that invoice total you’ll need to repeat this on other invoices until the credit is “spent”.

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