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Supplier Customer accounts should operate as a transactional account

Both supplier accounts and customer accounts should operate as a transactional account and show those transactions just like a bank account does.

eg list all

Invoices - as is done currently
Payments - note currently shown
Credits - hmmm

Crucially it’s the payments that are missing currently (ignoring the ongoing issue of how Quickfile mishandles credits - see other posts)

Hello @aos

Thank you for your suggestion.

Regarding this part, would you be able to elaborate on the issues you’ve had please, and maybe we can advise on how to handle this?

Hi Mathew

Please take a look at this feature request


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Actually looking around now at some other feature requests and the amount of times it is brought up and mentioned in relation to other feature/support requests (and also personally knowing people who use Quickfile and have the same issues but haven’t posted on the forums) I think this feature could also be wrapped up and solved by adding a better way of handling credit accounts.

This is a common issue and I can almost guarantee a large majority of Quickfile users will have accounts with credit suppliers (even gas and electric etc falls under this) and they will all be using workarounds or having to do everything long winded and awkwardly. I think this is something that does need a good look at and should be given some priority on the planner to at least look into properly.

I agree with this 100%. I have always found the way credits are handled to be cumbersome and not intuitive.

Yes, everything can be done eventually, but the process is often quite tortuous, and I always have to research how to do it before sorting any credit out. And then when I have done so, the inability to see it all clearly in a transactional log is very awkward.

This is probably the area that is the biggest let down in Quickfile, and a complete rethink including taking inspiration from other products would be refreshingly welcome. A look at QuickBooks could be a good place to start.

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Hi @Healthpay

Just so you’re aware, you can now vote for features to show your support. Just use the “Vote” button at the top of the thread. There’s more info here: Recent forum updates