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Recent forum updates

We’re always listening to feedback from our users - it’s what helps drive us forward. When it comes to user support, that’s no different.

I’m pleased to say we’ve taken your feedback on board and made a few changes to the forums.

Knowledge base

Instead of being greeted by the list of topics for the knowledge base you will now see the various categories and the most recent guides posted there. This will hopefully help you find the topics you need quicker too.

To add to this, we’ve also made a slight change in the background so the knowledge base articles are more likely to show up in the search results. As these guides are often step-by-step processes with images, these are important resources to help users find their feet and explore what QuickFile has to offer.

Table of Contents

Each knowledge base article now has a table of contents so you can quickly jump to the relevant part of the guide.

This is available on mobile too - just look for the “Table of content” option at the bottom of your screen.

Feature requests

We’ve added a new button to feature request threads - vote!

To make it simpler and easier to follow you can now vote for your favourite feature requests. We do actively monitor these to introduce new features into QuickFile, providing they are feasible, so this is a great way to help voice your opinion.

Hopefully this will help make the most of our active community and the great resources hosted here.

If there are any user guides you feel that are missing, please do let us know.

As always, feedback welcome!


One thing I would very much like to see is when you go to all purchases or all sales it would show how many attachments there are to each transaction.
Currently it only shows one picture of an attachment but it would be good to see at a glance if e.g. every purchase has an invoice and a proof of payment or anything else

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