Supplier Invoice Ref Token

Hi there,

Is there any possibility of having the suppliers invoice/reference number as a tag that can be used in the remittance email, the supplier reference on the supplier profile is more the account number, but it would be better to advise for which invoice payment/remittance relates to, in order to help with allocation.



Hi Markus,

You’ll be glad to know that this actually already exists :slight_smile:

You can add it in the Routine Emails section (under account settings):

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for the reply, for some reason I had it in my head that the reference that it pulled through to the email was the one from the supplier profile. So that’s perfect that it is the reference from the invoice.

Is it also possible to pull in the Supplier Reference from the supplier profile?

@QFMathew not sure if you saw my reply… So just a quick nudge :blush:

Hi @dagayveggi

Thanks! :open_mouth:

Do you mean the reference you give a supplier when you create their profile?

@QFMathew Indeedy I do, one of our suppliers insists on this being in any remittance correspondence to ensure that payment is applied against the right account.

But I would imagine this would be handy when making one payment to cover several invoices too?