Supplier invoices - How to change the Receipt Number?


I do not use Purchase Orders, so I just need to add the Receipt Number against Purchases.

I need to change the Receipt Number to match our number sequence, but the Receipt Number is stuck at QF00001.

How to I change this to SI526?


The receipt numbers are system generated for control purposes and cannot be amended, although you can use the ‘Supplier Reference’ to enter the purchase invoice number or any other reference required:

The ‘Supplier Reference’ is visible from the ‘Purchase Management’ screen and you can also use the ‘Advanced Search’ facility:

I think the ‘Supplier Reference’ would probably be best left to record the Supplier’s own Invoice number rather than effectively having two of my own references for the same Suppliers Invoice. If I understand this part correctly.

I will have to re-number & rename all my Supplier Invoices for this financial year, but that is not an insurmountable problem. Potential customers with more transactions than I generate may be deterred by this though.

I assume that I am using this part of QF correctly i.e. this is where I record goods & services ordered by my company etc. (regardless of whether goods/services are resold to my customers).


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