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Supplier number (us as supplier)

We have some customers where they designate us, a supplier, a supplier number. Some entities (public bodies) insist on a supplier obtaining such a number (through some process they specify) before any orders can be made by them to us. It would be prudent to include this supplier number on quotations/estimates/invoices to them as our supplier number. Is there any way to automatically do this and record it in our ‘Client details’ for them so that it will automatically appear on correspondence? I was thinking we could fudge it into some unused field then use that token reference on a customised email, but I cannot see a consistently unused field. Perhaps we could use it as ‘Account reference’ - what is the @@ token for this, please? (Is there a list of tokens somewhere?)

It looks a bit naff (and possibly confusing) to push it into their address details as it would appear before the ‘Country’ though as a last resort I guess this could be done.

Hi @jwf,

There isn’t really anywhere you could add this unless you added it to the end of the customer name in Brackets? could that work?

There is a list of tokens when editing the template (Account Settings > Routine Emails)

You could modify the custom emails for your client so include on the email rather than the invoice itself. To do that, go into the customer >> view >> email templates, those are the routine email templates for just that customer.

Hope that helps?


Mmm, thanks for the suggestion. The company name does not appear on the email, nor is it a token, so this might work on surname. It is never a B2C that insists on us having a supplier reference for them and this will not change the customer’s company name so we are safe there. We shall have to put it on every contact for the customer but that should be ok.

We do not use our own account reference system so perhaps I shall have a go at that on the invoice/quote email if the token is available. Edit - oh, this is not available as a token.

Ah, thank you for reminding me that we can personalise the email templates for each customer! (Though this gets rather messy when global changes are later required, perhaps.)

Do you need to have the country in the supplier address? I think this was the first thing I turned off when I started using Quickfile!

Thanks, Lurch, but yes, we certainly do need it as we sell globally.