Supplier payment allocation

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I have attached a screenshot here of outstanding invoices, could you please explain how can I manage a bulk payment for a supplier from credit rather than bank transfer. these balances are actually paid but never got marked as paid in the system.

I have got a huge number of balances to clear.

Is there a quicker way to do this?



If you select all the checkboxes and then mark as paid it should give you an option to apply from credit (provided everything you have ticked is for the same supplier)

Thank you for the reply but your suggestion work only for a single payment not multiple line of payment even if it is for the same supplier,


Hello @Manju

Just to expand on what @ian_roberts mentioned above (with a few screenshots to help), you can select the check boxes next to the invoices if they’re the same supplier, like so:

At the top of the page is a button - Update as Paid. Clicking this will allow you to bulk pay your selected invoices, and select how to do it:


This will create new bank transactions based on what you select, so if you have untagged bank transactions already, you will want to delete these after you’ve done this so everything balances out again.

I find Quickfile’s handling of credits so frustrating! Why cannot we tick all the invoices as shown, and then mark them to be paid from the credit balance on the supplier account?

And whilst I’m on the soapbox, why can’t we create a supplier credit (eg when they agree with us that a credit is due) and then leave it just as that, and also not have to generate the credit from an existing invoice because that often isn’t the case. Then when the payment from the supplier arrives we can tag it to the credit we have created - which is how things happen in real life.The business of having a credit always having to create a bank transaction goes against Quickfile’s founding principle of bank tagging being the driver.

And then we need exactly the same for the sales side as well.

This could be added, although I don’t believe it’s a hugely popular request. We’ll look into this further.

This is more down to the way the core accounting system works. Credit Notes held on account need an original invoice to tether to. It encourages a clearer audit trail, and once you’re setup and running, it really shouldn’t be a major problem, as you can just track back to any paid supplier invoices and create credits from there.

If you really want to initiate ad-hoc credits you can create a bank account (something like credit holding account) and post them their.