Supplier payment days

How can I do a bulk change of my supplier purchases and how can I change the current default?

We pay 90%+ of invoices the day we receive them and it would be much easier for us if the payment date was default set to the invoice date.

Any help appreciated.

What’s your process here? Mine are all marked paid on the date they are paid when tagged from the bank. Sounds like you are manually assigning payments from the supplier screen maybe?

Enter the receipt, wait for it to appear on the bank screen, tag is a payment to a supplier, pick the correct receipt and click to pay

When I enter the receipt /invoice date QF then allocates a payment date 30 days in the future - I’d like this to default to receipt date

I can change each supplier default terms but I’m trying to do all at once and set a default for future new suppliers

Hi @Vistaro

The receipt date should match the date that’s on the document your supplier gives you. The payment date should match the one on your bank statement, or if it’s cash, it would be the date you paid in cash.

If it’s an invoice, it would be the issue date or tax date, if it’s a receipt, it would be the date on the receipt. QuickFile wouldn’t automatically allocate payments to an invoice after a set number of days, so I’m not sure I follow in regards to payments with dates 30 days in the future?

I think you are on about due dates here, not actual payment dates. As @QFMathew says, when you link the purchase to a bank entry using tagging the payment date is the bank transaction date.

Not currently available. Feature request here for an option to change defaults though.

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Perfect thanks - and have upvoted :slight_smile:

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