Supplier Reference character limit

From this old post it seems that the character limit for the Supplier Reference field was changed to 25… but I can only seem to enter 15 characters… I guess it changed again since then?

Hi @drmrbrewer

Are you seeing this on any particular screens? It should still be 25 characters

Just on the Purchases > Create New Supplier page… I can’t add any more characters in the Supplier Reference than what is shown below:


OK it’s a bit confusing, as it looks like there’s another field called “Supplier Reference” :slight_smile: on the New Purchase page:

Maybe that is what the earlier post was referring to, although this one above seems to have a larger limit of 30 chars (not 25).

Maybe the Supplier Reference associated with the supplier record should be referred to as a Supplier ID instead, to avoid confusion? Or maybe I’m the first and only person to be confused :rofl:

I think you’re right! :slight_smile:

The “Supplier Reference” on the “Supplier Details” screen is just an internal reference - like your own account number you want to assign to your supplier. We prefill these with “SUP” followed by a number.

But yes, the increase was made to the one on the invoice, which refers to the invoice number the supplier has issued.

Hope that makes sense!

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@QFMathew I’ve just discovered another place where “Supplier Reference” crops up, and this time it relates to something I’m finally entering “for real”, following this guide. When it comes to tagging a fee-related debit in the merchant account to a supplier invoice, I have this screen:


This field is limited to 25 characters. Is there any chance of increasing this to 30 characters (like it seems to be in the other New Purchase screen I posted above)? The ref I want to use is actually 27 characters :slightly_frowning_face:

BTW it’s possible to add/edit the ref after the event to get the longer length, but IMHO it should be possible to do it at the point of creation, without any discrepancy between the length allowed at creation and subsequently when editing.

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