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Supplier reference for purchase credit notes


I often receive credit notes from my suppliers for missing or damaged items which I can offset against future orders. Each credit note comes with its own unique reference number from the supplier (e.g. one supplier uses Annnn numbers for invoices and Cnnnn numbers for credits), but when I enter a credit note against a purchase in QuickFile there is no opportunity to enter a supplier reference - the QuickFile CN always shows the supplier reference copied from the original QFnnnn purchase that it was derived from.

Would it be possible to allow overriding of the supplier reference for credit notes?



Hi @ian_roberts

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll ask our dev team about this and see how feasible it would be.



Logged in our short term planner. I can’t see any reason at this stage why it can’t be overridden on CN entry. We’ll hopefully have a closer look next week.

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Thanks, this will be useful. I have one supplier in particular who likes me to mention in my remittance advice exactly which credit notes I have applied to which purchase, and at the moment I have to click through to the attached documents to find this rather than just looking in the supplier reference column in the purchases list.