Supplier report for the year

Hi, sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere in the community but I can’t find anything about it… is there a way to report on a specific supplier on how much we have spent throughout each year ?

This is useful to present to suppliers in meetings.

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Hi @vikstar

There isn’t a report as such, but you can find the figures over a period of time.

If you go to the supplier overview (Purchases >> View suppliers), click “Advanced Search”, and you have 3 check boxes:


Ticking these boxes will give you a total for the entered period

Alternatively, you could look at the supplier in particular, and expand the bar/area chart for them. This would give you a full 12 month view up until today:

You can’t export it, but you could take a screenshot of it.

I hope that helps?

great thanks. it would be great to have such a report for future ? both for suppliers and customers.

We’re happy to keep this open as a feature request for others to add their vote and comments.

What sort of report were you looking for (e.g what format, what data etc.)?


A report showing how much a client has spent with you or how much you have spent with a supplier, adding features to drill down dates, nominal codes etc.

I think this would be a great feature for Quickfile.

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Joined this conversation because I think we have a similar requirement. I’d like to see how much we have spent with cetain supliers over a period. This is great information when planning spend and negotiating supply deals.
The Advanced Supplier information when expanded show a bar chart of spend but would be great to be able to print our too.

It is also useful to be able to see who your top spending customers are.

We are trying to find a report showing spend via suppliers for a period of time. This is now a report that is needed by auditors when we are trying to work out our Carbon Footprint.
There does not seem to be any report on quickfile. I can’t imagine it would be difficult to do.
Can it be done?