Suppliers and Clients


the suppliers and clients in the system are completely separated.
I use the system for a charity, where the members sometimes pay into the charity, sometimes receive subsidies and various kind of payments.
Therefore for me, clients and suppliers are the same most of the times and i have to enter the same data twice.
Finally i can see a specific person X as a customer or as a supplier, but i cannot see their aggregated total (at least i don’t seem to be able to find this option).

  1. Would it be possible to have the same record and use that one as a customer AND supplier?

  2. if (1) is too complex or modifies the original system too much in his behaviour, would it be possible , when entering a new customer, who is already present in the system as supplier, to have a notification asking if i want to copy the details already present in the system (and obviously viceversa)?

solution (1) would def be ideal, but solution (2) would at least avoid replicating the same inputs twice.


Unfortunately it’s not something that we’re currently planning. I’ll leave this open for others to add their votes.

ok thanks a lot…

I have a similar problem in that my clients are mainly my suppliers but can also be my customers. I know this topic has come up several times with regards to using contra bank accounts to balance the accounts on the two sides. However, if option 2 above could be implemented then that would help.

I think from previous posts that there must be quite a few Quickfile users who would benefit by this. I hope they will also add a post to this so that Quickfile can see how many people it affects and could help.

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Unfortunately due to this being a very core part of the way the whole system works, this type of change would be very complex to implement at this stage. For that reason it’s not likely to be something that we will have time to look at in the near term.

Many businesses have a dual relationship with entities and people as supplier and client, we’re definitely one. This feature is essential to us.