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Support for Chinese characters in client/supplier names

I typed in a Chinese name for the new supplier. It appears ‘???’ after saving it.

Hi @al2ping

Thanks for posting this. I’ve referred this to a colleague.

I’m afraid our system is configured only to support Latin characters (ASCII and EXTENDED ASCII character sets), we don’t have full unicode support at this time.

Do you have any plan on supporting unicode? I noticed the name is shown correctly just after creation and it is shown on the next page after clicking Save.

The actual input on the web page will appear fine, although many of our database tables are configured to ASCII and EXTENDED ASCII. It may be possible for us to extend support for unicode going forward.

We do need to look at the performance implications of doing this and weighing it up against the demand, due to us servicing a mostly UK client base it’s not something that comes up that often.

For now I will change this post to a feature request and we’ll track interest going forward.

any issues with chinese chars?