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Support pasting symbols into currency fields



I’ve been creating a bunch of historic purchase invoices by copying line items from some PDF documents, and there’s a small but annoying glitch in the currency field in the data entry screen.

When pasting, for example “£1.23” into a currency field it doesn’t validate the string and instead simply resets the value back to “0.00” when the cursor is placed elsewhere on the form. This means that bulk cut&pasting from some purchase invoices is annoying as I have to remove the “£” sign manually.

Can you please allow pasting currency amounts with a currency symbol? For example “£1.23” would be converted to “1.23” when the cursor moves out of the currency field.

See this thread for the original request: Purchase invoice entry - quirks




Thanks for the suggestion @kingsland.

We’ll let you know if anything changes here.