Swiching to Affinity Quickfile

I use both Sage 50 and Quickfile. I also have an Affinity Quickfile account and wish to add both companies to run on the Affinity platform. Does Affinity copy over all the data automatically including invoice layouts etc.

Hi @saltings

Affinity basically acts as a link between 1 login and multiple QuickFile accounts. Affinity itself doesn’t have the functionality to issue invoices - this remains in the individual accounts.

This post may be of interest: QuickFile Affinity overview

Hope that helps!

When creating a new company on Affinity does that automatically appear in Quickfile or should it it be created in Quickfile first with its logo, bank details etc etc?

From Affinity you can either link an existing account or create a new one. Both accounts work in the same way, except one would be brand new (no data).

One benefit of Affinity is you can use one email address with multiple accounts, which isn’t possible with individual accounts. If you only have one email address, you may find it better to create them from your Affinity dashboard.

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