Switching Cash Register Takings to 5% VAT

Hello. When I try to set the VAT rate to 5% from 20% following the instructions on here, it still works it out at 20%, although 5% has been set. Our 1st set of takings at the temporary rate of 5% will be taken today, but I was trialling it out yesterday to see how to set it up in advance. I was thinking that I maybe need to set up a new client for “Cash Register Takings” and that the previous “client” cannot be altered, if you know what I mean. Is that the case?

Hi @Oreo71

Just to double check that I’m on the right wavelength - you’ve changed the VAT rate in the settings (as per the recent announcement on the forum), but the cash register tool is still showing as 20%. Is that correct?

It’s worth noting that the VAT figure on the cash register tool is the important part here as this is what’s used for your returns.

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