Switching inventory category

It appears that my business partner and I have set up and been using different inventory item names for the same products. Foolish I know.

We have now delegated all bookkeeping to me and I am hoping I can delete his inventory names and just use the ones I am familiar with.

What effect will this have on all the sales he has made? Will it delete those sales from the chart of accounts? Can I switch the category name on his sales? More importantly, can I do so in bulk?


Hi @jim1

Any invoices that have already been created with the inventory names he has used will not be affected. The inventory names are mainly used to populate invoices with common values (such as nominal code, description, unit price and VAT).

Deleting the inventory item will not delete any invoices, and it won’t affect the Chart of Accounts (COA). The COA report uses nominal codes rather than the inventory, and this is set independently of the item (although each item can be set to use a nominal by default).

You’re not able to change the category used on invoices in bulk unfortunately.

I hope this helps

yes that is really useful - and makes total sense.

thank you.

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