Switching to Ltd Company

Hi All

First question so apologies if the answer is as obvious as I imagine it is.

I’ve been a Sole Trader for years and obviously built up quiet a bit of data in my accounts.

I’ve now made the jump to Ltd Company and there are a lot of things not available, such as being able to register corporation tax payments to HMRC and such, that are forcing me to have to shift to an Ltd account.

Is there a way to retain data, invoices estimate client etc or am I stuck with having to completely redo and re sign up.

Who can I speak to on the phone to discuss the logistics of something like this?

Many Thanks

Hello @welovehue

We can copy your clients and client contacts, and your suppliers over for you. Any invoices and bank entries should be kept separate between the two as they’re separate legal entities.

Let me know if you would like us to do this for you and I’ll send you a message to get some more details.

yes please!!

that would be fantastic

No problem! I’ll send you a private message - look for a green notification in the top right corner shortly :slight_smile:

Hi we’ve just set up our account as a partnership and have now been advised to start a limited company. Can we have some help in switching please?

Hi @Handy

Is this a new QuickFile account?

Yes, I have exported clients list and inventory data. Is there a way to reset?

I’ll send you a private message now. Please look for the green notification.

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