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Switching to Open Banking

@John_Charnock - Can I just check, were you prompted to set up an Open Banking feed? If not, check the logo on the bank statement view - it should show the logo of the bank. If you only see an icon, you will need to set the bank in the settings first (More Options >> Settings).

@ABDB - We are aware of an issue with the Santander Open Banking feeds which was affecting all users (not just on QuickFile). However, this has since been rectified.

Hi John, I set up the Open Banking Feed as it was recommended in the e-mail that you sent to me.

Thanks Mathew, it is working perfectly now, my bank transactions have just been downloaded.


Hello, I’m having trouble connecting to First Direct via Open Banking.

I previously used Yodlee so I have ‘disconnected’ my 2 accounts from the Yodlee feed.

I then try to connect my main current account at First Direct via Open Banking - I get taken to an HSBC(parent group) page where I enter my user name and re-authentication code which is successful and gives a message saying so. I am then taken back the the QuickFile Open Banking page where there is an error message -

“First Direct authorisation server returned an error: Authorisation request hasn’t been approved”


I have spent some extensive time on the phone with First Direct and they assure me that the authentication has been approved at their end…??

Any thoughts



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Hi @neilpercy

Just to confirm, when you went through the authorisation process, did you select the accounts you wanted to grant access to before being returned to QuickFile?

Hi Matthew - yes, I selected one of the current accounts to grant access and then returned to Quickfile after a confirmation/success message.


@neilpercy - I’ll send you a private message now to get some more information from you.

Hi. You said above “With Metro there is an API we can integrate with until such time they become fully enrolled.” by that do you mean Yodlee? Currently using Yodlee for Metro, is there an alternative?

Hi @jm23bg, this will be a direct feed with Metro Bank. The current feed is provided through Yodlee.

Does Open Banking now accommodate multiple bank accounts - previously we have had to use Yodlee to be able to import feeds for multiple bank accounts and also the savings accounts

Open Banking will accommodate multiple bank accounts if they use the same log in, however it will only work for current accounts

Nationwide was certainly not showing up in the list when I wrote that, I checked twice. But it is now, so maybe something was fixed.

Hi there

I use Coop Bank - for feed only. How will I do so in the future?

Many thanks

Yodlee will continue to work for banks that don’t yet support Open Banking, as and when they launch OB support you’ll have to switch your feed to that but it’s all covered by the same subscription.

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Coop Bank are not listed on the Open Banking directory at the moment. As @ian_roberts mentioned unless they have an open API, Yodlee will continue to work as normal.

Hi all,
just to let you know, I had an email from TSB saying they will join Open Banking closer to the end of this year. Good news for me :grinning:

@rhc we are actively developing a TSB feed at the moment. It should be ready in 2-3 weeks.

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I erroneously just paid for Open Banking and was then directed to a screen of available banks. TSB is not listed- do you expect them to be at some point?

Thanks Glenn for the good news

What you paid for is “bank feeds” - the same subscription payment covers Open Banking feeds for banks that have one available, and Yodlee feeds for banks that aren’t yet OB compatible.

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