System hanging

I have noticed today that the system is hanging quite a bit and that when I refresh the purchase that I am entering actually goes onto the customer’s account twice. This is very worrying.

Hi @ESL62

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Everything seems to be working fine for me, but I’d like to get a few more details from you to look into this for you.

  • Are you noticing it on any particular parts of the system, e.g. is it all pages, or just one or two?
  • Who is your internet provider? Have you had any issues with any other pages?
  • What do you experience when the page ‘hangs’?

Seems to be working today although yesterday was terrible. It was happening particularly when I was attaching PDF documents to a purchase order.

Internet provider - Google Chrome

The page just hangs and then goes to a page that says Quickfile is not responding.

When I click out and then back in the purchase order is created twice with two separate QF numbers and one of which has a file attached and the other with none.

I had to delete three purchase order invoices from the system to leave my accounts correct.

Google Chrome is your browser.

You Internet provider is the telecoms company from whom you get your internet access.
Worth checking with them if performance issues arise when uploading/downloading files

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