System not auto logging out

hi, ive noticed the last few days that wqhen i come back to my system it is still logged in, normally logges out after a while and i have to use my 2fa code.

is this something on the system?


Hi @magnacom

Nothing has been changed here. Do you have it open in another tab or window at all?

What browser are you using?

i did have a couple of tabs open in chrome, seems to have closed this morning…
can you change the session timeout?


It’s not something that’s customisable on an account-by-account basis. I do believe this was changed a good while back however following user feedback.

I do notice that sometimes for no reason I will refresh the page in a morning and do not get presented with a login screen, instead the dashboard just appears. I would say there is something amiss with the auto logout script.

I’ve not witnessed this myself. What browser and operating system are you using?

Firefox on Windows 10.

With FireFox, do you use the “Restore Session” option for when you start the browser?

(More info on the Mozilla support site: Restore previous session - Configure when Firefox shows your most recent tabs and windows | Firefox Help)

The browser is never closed so I don’t think that’s relevant, and that is unchecked anyway.

It has never bothered me so I’ve taken much notice when it happens tbh. I might take more note now if it keeps happening (probably never will now!)

Hi, I had a little issue in the past which may gives an answer to this question. I always prepare an invoice in quickfile for an expected client. After the 1 hour session I finish the invoice and print a copy for the client. In the past I was always automatically logged out and had to login in again to print the invoice. I asked here on the forum for a way to change it, to stay logged in for at least an hour or so. Glenn answered and said something like if you stay on certain pages (laptop on and browser open) in quickfile, for example invoices, you don’t get logged out. If you you stay on certain other pages you are automatically logged out after a while.
Unfortunately, I can not find this post anymore.
So, I keep the invoice always open now and I am not logged out anymore. What I not know is how long I stay logged in, a few hours, always? I never tested it. But it means maybe that you will not get logged out if you keep certain pages of quickfile and your browser open. Glenn could may answer this question better than me.

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That rings a bell actually, and it follows as I often have several tabs open, some of which are sometimes new invoices.

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