Tab descriptions

I have a client with 3 businesses. With all 3 bank account open it is impossible to tell from the tab header which one. Could the tab header not just be the name allocated to the account and not Bank Account:given name. I know you can hover over but that costs time to constantly hover when we can already see it is a bank account. Thanks for considering

Hello @grooming

Currently it the name is not blank, it says Bank Account: “name given” as shown below.


But ultimately you are restricted by the size of the tab


Yes, if it could be “(name of account) - Bank Account - QuickFile” instead of “Bank account: (name) - QuickFile” then the tabs would be distinguishable even when space is restricted. More generally it’s good to go from most to least specific, so “Profit & Loss Report” rather than “Report: Profit & Loss”, “(client name) - invoices” vs “Invoices: (client)”, etc.