Tag bank payment to balance sheet account

How should I tag a bank payment to a Nominal Account not found in the list of “Others”.

I imported my payroll from The Payroll Site, and it posted the net pay to the Net Wages account 2220 in liabilities in the balance sheet. When I try to tag the payment using the “Other” option, the search for Net Wages finds only the P&L account of that name.

Why cannot we access the account of choice for tagging directly from its account number?

If you have imported your pay from the Payroll Site, it would be done through a Journal, where you can change the account from there.

When you actually make the payout, just tag it as Salaries, and this will balance the account

I tried this suggestion but it debited the P&L account Employee Salaries PAYE (7003).
My payroll journal has correctly credited the balance sheet with the net wages liability where it correctly sits until paid.
I would not be comfortable with the unpaid salaries shown as a credit to the P&L.
I would rather have the option to debit the payment to the Net Wages liability account, (like a Salaries Control Account), by tagging the bank payment and thus balancing the account.