Tag bank transaction as refund of very old invoice

My bank pays out £100 as refund to client. The invoice was few months ago, and even using Match exact amount it’s out of 25 listed. How can I match the refund then?

You bank paid out £100 to a client that you have no record of authorising?

I guess that you mean that the customer has raised a chargeback against a card transaction.

This is more a matter for your internal record keeping that QF. In the short term put it to a suspense account while you sort out the dispute with the customer.

You’ll probably have to go back to the original invoice and raise a credit note from there (it’s under the “more options” button at the top of the invoice) - make sure the date you enter for the credit note matches the date of the refund on your bank account.

When you do this it will create a separate pre-tagged refund transaction in the bank account which is a duplicate of the untagged one from your feed, so you just delete the untagged one to get things back into balance.

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